Flat Tempered glass

Product ID: DF04

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Toughened glass is produced by heating up the floating print glass to approximates the softening point, even rapidly cooling on the surface of glass, causing the surface of glass to have the serious compressed stress, and tensile stress interior, thus enhanced intensity and stability of the glass.

When it is broken by an external force which surpass its intensity, it becomes pellet shape, and is not harmful to people with such security performance.
Comparing to common glass with same thickness, its anti-impact intensity and anti-bending strength is 3-5 times. When it is destructed by external force, the fragment becomes small pieces with obtuse angle, reduce harm to the people.
It is mainly used in the high wind prssure or hydraulic pressure building and any places which are possibly hit by people, and all kinds of windows and doors, curtain wall automobile, window of automobile and ship, furniture or interior decoration.

This product can no longer be cut, drilled or ground or any other special processing.
.max size:2400*3660mm
  • Quality standard
    • ISO9001,CCC,CE,BS6206

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