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Tymi's new OPP lamination machine, Octans-126ws (New) intergrades the latest technologies and is designed for water-base, solvent-base and pre-coated film usages. Besides, high speed lamination (45m/min) and low power cost are also concerned for all users' needs.
l Proportional simultaneous adjustment for one person operation.
l Multiple web winding path solves tension problem.
l Main unit contains coating, drying and laminating devices.
l Vertical and compact structure and also easy operation.
l Water-base glue without toluene conforms to environmental consciousness
l No waiting needed after laminating.
l Smaller space required.
l Easier and quicker for changing OPP film.
l Better quality than solvent base lamination when laminate dark printing or mat film
l Lower power cost.
l Water-base glue results no bubbles.
l Triple functional for water-base, solvent-base and pre-coated film.
  • working width
    • The working width is 1200mm
  • sheet size
    • Max. sheet size is 720 x 1200mm, and Min. sheet size is 340 x406mm
  • paper thickness
    • 80~600 gsm
  • Adhensive
    • It's for water-base glue, solvent-base glue, and thermo film.
  • diemension
    • (LxWxH) 8650x2640x2675mm, the machine speed is 7~45m/min(depending on quality of sheet, glue, and film
  • New design of coating unit
    • Vertical main unit structure design shortens length of the old type. Main unit contains coating, drying and laminating system for easy operation
  • Accurate film placement
    • Unique functional design for powerful drying unit and space reduction. Also to avoid film displacement and ensure inaccuracy within + or - 0.5mm.
  • Stable and firm frame
    • Cast iron frame (60mm) for firm stability even operated with high speed
  • Easy maintenance
    • Electrical PLC system and electronic control cabinet for easy maintenance. Air peumatic shaft device, easy to install and adjust
  • Wrinkle-free
    • Electrical tension control device and curved roller make film tensed and wrinkle-free.
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