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E'tow (Egemin Towing System) is an intelligent and flexible towline system that uses an in-floor embedded chain to transport your goods. E'tow can be used with any type of carrier: from roll containers and hand pallet trucks to mounting platforms or universal product carriers, etc. Typically, we use E'tow for pallet transport, assembly lines and stock management and in cross-docking hubs and production environments.

E'tow conveys your products along one or more closed main loops and several side loops accessible via intelligent switches. Since E'tow is driven by a chain that is integrated in the floor, you are able to keep your floor free.
  • E'tis - Tow Information System
    • E'tis (Egemin Tow Information System) is intelligent information software for managing your towline system. E'tis is the central working environment for personnel responsible for operating and monitoring your towline system. It allows them to track and trace the conveyed goods and to intervene when necessary. E'tis offers a well-organised overview of your internal flow of goods and makes sure the data flows are also properly handled.E'tow - Identification Systems
    • On request, Egemin can equip the product carriers for its E'tow towline system with an identification system, i.e. RFID or barcode Recognition and colour identification. This will enable you to manage your flow of goods even better than before.

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