Anshan Leadsun Electronics Co., Ltd.
This is Leadsun Electronics Co., Ltd from Anshan, China, which is specializing in designing and producing high voltage products, such as high voltage diodes, high voltage silicon assembly, high voltage bridge rectifier, voltage multiplier assembly as well as high frequency high voltage power supply.
The specifications of high voltage diodes include:
2CL7X series?CL70, 2CL71, 2CL72, 2CL73, 2CL74, 2CL75, 2CL77, 2CL70A, 2CL71A, 2CL73A
2CL series?CL2F, 2CL2G, 2CL2H, 2CL2J, 2CL2FF, 2CL2FG, 2CL2FH, 2CL2FJ, 2CLFK, 2CL2FL, 2CL2FM
2CLKV/20mA series
CL series-CL01-09, CL01-12, CL01-15, CL04-12, CL04-15
HVP series-HVP5, HVP8, HVP10, HVP12, HVP14, HVP15, HVP16, HVP20
The types of high voltage silicon assembly include:
Cylinder-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Cuboid-shape with holes and big current: 2CL80-350KV/1.0-5.0 A
Cuboid-shape with heatsinks outside: 2CL80-350KV/1.0-5.0A
Circuit board: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Loop type-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Bowl-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Axial lead-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
The types of high voltage bridge rectifier include:
Half high voltage bridge rectifier, half high frequency high voltage bridge rectifier, QL-high frequency high voltage bridge rectifier, 3QL-three-phase high voltage bridge rectifier.
The types of high frequency high voltage power supply include:
1-4KW, LA series, 5KV-30KV output voltage , used for laser cutting, procession.
1-20KW, ESP series, 40-100KV output voltage, used for electrostatic cleaning and exhausting smoke.
80W-1KW, RA series, 30-40KV output voltage, X-ray sourcing, nondestructive testing.
10W-50W, SX-RAY series, 20-80KVoutput voltage, high precision of X-ray field.
100W-500W, TP series, 5-200KV, withstanding pressure testing, MARX generator. If you need, we can also customize the products for you. We will ensure you the excellent quality, competitive price as well as good service.
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