Maxi-Buffet Combo Vending Machine

Maxi-Buffet Combo Vending Machine

High Capacity Combo Snack Vending Machine

Product ID: Maxi-Buffet

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High-Capacity Snack Vending Machine with Cooling (6 Trays/54 Selections/513 Product Loading Capacity)
Full View Double Glazed Low-E Glass Front, Supports MDB Protocol, Can be equipped with Cashless Payment Systems, Change Giver, Bill Validator and/or Coin Selector or combinations. Touchpad(Capacitive) Keypad, Anti-Vandalism Coin Entry Slot and a GRAPHICAL LCD which is attractive and easy interface. Plastic Product Pushers (even small items can be vended easily), IR PRODUCT SENSOR, ALARM Against Vandalism and Unauthorized Access to Front Door!..
ULTRA COOL +4 C°, Self-Locking Compartment, Economy Mode Operation and many other superiorities of our Maxi-Buffet Series Vending Machines!..
From the Original Manufacturer and with 10 Years Parts Supply Availability!..
Very Competitive Price Levels!..
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • CE

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