AC Reversible Synchronous Motor

Product ID: SD-205

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New model SPD/SD-205 (Oriental/Servo type):
- Reversible Synchronous Motor, low and competitive price with High Torque Performance (300kgf/cm at 1RPM)
- The shaft is "Bearing structure" (not general bushing), the endurance is high.
- Motor casing (Dupont coating)
- Water resistance.
  • Rated voltage: 24, 110-120, 220-240^$Power frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Input power: 5 ~ 10W^#Rotor speed: 750 - 900 RPM^$Output RPM: From 1 to 120 RPM
  • Torque: 300kg/cm at 1 RPM^#Rotation: CW, CCW, Reversible ^$Operating temperature: -10o ~ +70o C
  • Voltage Range: ?0% of Rated Voltage
  • ^#Insulation Impedance: DC 500V, 100M^$Insulation strength: 1500 V-1Min
  • Insulation class: B class^#Lower price with high toque perform^$It possesses similar features to Oriental or
  • Servo motor.^#
  • Features
  • The shaft is ^$"(not general bushing), the endurance is high.
  • ^#The support wrapped/fixed style gea^$High magnetic rotor design: Material- MQ serial magnet steel (ND-Fe-B)^#Resistance to high temperature.^$Precision gear set design: Using Swiss 'Mikron' gear hobbing machine^#Motor casing (Dupont coating).^$Water resistance.^#
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