Secure Logic Biometric Wall Vault

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Everyday life is getting more complicated, especially the need to remember an ever-growing number of different passwords, PIN numbers, codes and lock combinations. Imagine using your fingerprint to effortlessly identify and verify that you are who you claim to be. That is the power of biometric technology today.SecureLogic is proud to introduce the Biometric Wall Vault?, the fruits of over two years of extensive labor, research, and design. Simply place your finger on the programmable fingerprint scanner and the vault opens instantly!
  • Battery^$12 V 4.0 amp rechargeable with 12V AC Battery Charger^#Dimensions^$Height-15.5" Closed 23" Open
  • Width-16.25"
  • Depth-4.5"
  • Weight-25 lbs^#Compartment Dimensions^$Height-8.5"
  • Width-13.25"^#
  • Features
    Up to 6 different fingerprints^$Only YOU will gain access!^#Recessed Door^$Drops down in seconds-Instant Access^#Child Proof^$Stainless steel construction-12 gauge^#Low Battery Alert System^$when the built-in alert system sounds simply plug in your charger overnight^#Back Up Key^$provides access in the event of a battery or electronic failure^#

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