AA Mobile Turbo Charger

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You can take the "AA Mobile Turbo Battery Charger" with you anywhere you go and always be able to charge your cellphone no matter if you have a cellphone from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson,Siemens, Motorola etc.".

Together with the "AA Mobile Turbo Battery Charger" you'll get 5 different adapters for cell phones, so even if you switch phones you'll still be able to use your "AA Mobile Turbo Battery Charger

The "AA Mobile Turbo Battery Charger" is Excellent for you when your electric goes out and you have an emergency, or if you are:

on a business tour - travelling - shopping - at the beach - hunting - fishing - camping..

..If you are a business man or woman - it could just keep you from losing that sale.

For your and your family safety's sake don愒 go out of electricity anymore! When you have an AA Mobile Turbo Battery Charger you can charge your cellphone anywhere, anytime !
Mobile Battery Charger is simple to use, just follow these steps:

Unscrew bottom and load a single AA battery into the >
Mobile Battery Charger.

Connect your phone-specific connector to the Mobile Battery Charger.

Connect your phone to the connector and the Mobile Battery Charger will begin flashing.

Your phone indicates that it is charging.

Now you can talk on or charge your phone wherever and whenever you want! Keep a Socket in Your Pocket!

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