Skype PBX Gateway EzSKY-540

Product ID: EzSKY-540

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EzSKY-540 Skype PBX Gateway supports link with existing PBX system and lets all extensions share over 4 Skype accounts. .One leading number supports 4 ~ 16 concurrent inbound/outbound Skype calls automatically. Gateway also shares the Skype out credit to save communication costs.
  • Target For
    • Mid/Big size PBX with Slot Expansion,
  • Trunk Lines > 8
  • PBX Trunk Line Requiremen:4
    • FXS RJ-11: 4
    • Priority Setup:Skype only
    • Physical Connection:from PBX Trunk
      • Concurrent / Expansion Port:4-16
    • Life Line
  • Centralized Management
    • Multi-Skype ports functions in one computer and seamless Integration with the existing PBX telephony featuresCDR Realtime Monitoring
    • Import, Export, or backup the Call History, Contact list, Phone book, System Log for Excel or .CSV file formatAnti-Line-Seizure
    • Precisely detecting the DTMF tone status of the PBX; DTMF Auto detection / generationUnlimited speed-dial numbers
    • Allow for potential users phonebook entries application.
  • Polarity Reversal
    • For accurate PBX Billing application

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