Skype PBX Gateway EzSky 522

Product ID: EzSky 522

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EzSKY522 enables you Skype Call-out or Skype Call-in with your office exisiting PBX extension phone set.
  • Target For
    • KeyPhone System / Small PBX, Trunk Lines < 8PBX Trunk Requirement: 2
  • FXS RJ-11,LINE RJ-11: 2
  • Priority Setup: Skype / PSTN
  • Physical Connection:
    • Between C.O. Lines and PBX Trunk Lines
  • Centralized Management
    • Centralized Management of multi-skype ports functions in one computer and seamless Integration with the existing PBX telephony featuresExclusive one Company Skype ID
    • Supports multiple concurrent inbound/outbound skype callsPC / IP stackable
    • - PC / IP stackable for multiple computers' setup.
  • - DTMF: Auto detection and Auto generation
  • - Realtime monitoring connection status and Realtime CDR (Call Detailed Record)
  • - Import, Export, or backup the Call History, Contact list, Phone book, System Log for Excel .CSV file format
  • - Anti-Line-Seizure for detecting the DTMF tone status of the PBX
  • CDR Realtime Monitoring
    • - Support External IVR / CDR / Billing servers for value-added application
  • Multi Features
    • - Unlimited speed-dial numbers allow for potential users phone book entries
  • - Support PSTN HOLD, allows user to hold PSTN call when switching to Skype
  • - Support "Polarity Reversal" for accurate PBX billing application
  • - Support "Fast Busy Tone" for better compatibility with latest PBX system
  • - IP / PSTN Dual Access - Incoming and Outgoing calls from both IP and PSTN
  • - Support PSTN / Skype Priority for trunk lines' configuration.
  • - LIFE LINE / PSTN RELAY in case of the power failure

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