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theThe prehardened to 48-50HRC,and easy machining deformation.They needn't quench,just need pre-hardness
p20+Ni,718,1.2378,PDS-5,3Cr2NiMo^$The execution of this material is pre-hardness,the HRC is 30,and it containC-0.38,S-0.35,Mn-1.00,S-0.005,Cr-1.80,Mo-0.40,and it can be used for the big ,middle and small plastic mold.And have flat bars and round bars ,the diametersare12-360mm,thick ness are20-300mm.width are 100-600mm.^#420,1.2316,S136,SUS420,4Cr13^$It's a erosion resistance plastic mold steel ,and the execution is pre-hardness,the HRC is 33,and it can be used for sparking erosion and mirror-liking production,use for large size and long life plastic mold . Ans have flat bars and round bars ,the diameters are 12-360mm,the thickness are 20-300mm,the width are 100-600mm.^#
p20+Ni,718,1.2378,PDS-5,3Cr2NiMo^$It's a pre-hardness mold steel, erosion resistance and need not quench.^#420,1.2316,S136,SUS420,4Cr13^$It's a erosion resistance steel and need not quench.^#
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