Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.
Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Industry And Trade Co.,Itd. is a sole subsidiary of Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Industry Co., Ltd. Established in 2002, it has independent import-export power.
Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Industry Co., Ltd.( original Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Chemical Plant) is the subsidiary of Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau(ZPEB). Established in 1983, our company is located in Mazhuangqiao Town, north suburb of Puyang, neighboring 106 national highway. We have a total assets of RMB 1096.53 million and 300 employees, including 48 technical staff.

In order to adapt the economical globalization development, in February,2006 established specialized international Trade Department (Puyang Zhongyuan Sanli Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd), so that the company can freely import and export kinds of products. Presently our company mainly manages the product including: Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), Glycine series and the derivative (Glycine and derivative), Alanin series, Diacetyl, Carboxyl group ethanoic acid, N- methyl pyrrolidone, Pyrogallic acid,Rosin,E thylene - acetic acid ethylene copolymer, Dioxide thiourea, Resorcinol, Polyacrylamide, Acrylic amide, Phenolics, Acrylic acid, Ammonium chloride, Sulfonation lignite (Sulfonated lignite(SMC)),Humic acid potassium(Potassium humate(KHm)),General well drilling helps the medicinal preparation (common drilling chemicals), Well cementation chemical additive (Well cementation oil-chemicals), Polymerization category of things well drilling helps the medicinal preparation (polymer drilling chemicals),etc. All kinds of chemical products.
We passed ISO9002 certification in 1998, and we have been named Contract Abiding & Trustworthy Enterprise and Star Enterprise for years. We look forward to opportunities for business cooperation with you for mutual benefit. !
we expect to exploit market by cooperating with every trade user, distributor and exporter.

Company Profile

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    Puyang City
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    • OEM Manufacturer;ODM Manufacturer;Exporter/Agent;Distributor;Wholesaler;Chain Store;Retailer;Value Added Reseller;
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      North America;South America / Caribbean;West Europe;East Europe / Russia;East Asia;Southeast Asia;Mid-East / Africa;Australia / New Zealand;China / Hong Kong;