Medical Equipment-Ultrasound Diagnosis with CE

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Medical Equipment-Ultrasound Diagnosis with CE

Display mode: B, B/B, B/M, M
Frequency: 2.0~10.0 MHz
Measurement: distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, heart rate, pregnant week
Character: date, time, patient's information, doctor name, hospital name, probe frequency, marks (could rotate), body position marks, image depth, frame frequency, magnification ratio, measurement value, full-screen character editing, image and character annotation
Extensive software packages: Cardiology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Urology
Biopsy acupuncture guidance function and local magnification function
Probe connector: 3 pieces
Standard configuration: main unit + 2.0/3.5/5.0 MHz multi-frequency convex probe + 15 inch SVGA monitor
Optional match: 4.0~ 9.0 MHz multi-frequency linear probes, trans-vaginal probe, rectal probe, 2.0~ 5.0 MHz cardiac probes, film playback card of 128 frame, image record device, workstation
Ultrasound Diagnosis with CE^$^#