heavy hexagonal wire mesh

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Gabion(hexagonal wire mesh or heavy hexagonal wire mesh),is made of quality steel wire by machine, applying to various surround -ings such as slop supporting, base/ pit/ tunnels supporting, cliff suspending protecting, slop virescence, railway/ highways segregating fencing. It can also be made into the forms of boxes and cushions used, when filled with rocks, in anti-eroding of rivers, embankments and seashores, and in current closing as well.
  • heavy hexagonal wire mesh^$ 1)the tensile strength of the wire is not less than 380mpa,the dia.can be 2.0mm-4.0mm,galvanized with customer's requirement,the max can be 300g/m2. 2)The galvanized gabion is coated with a leyer of PVC,which can postpone the life of the product, and can be harmonious with the surrounding with different colour option.
  • ^#size ,Dia , PVC ,Max breadth^$(1)60X80, Φ2.0-2.8 ,Φ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 ,4.0
  • (2.)80X100 ,Φ2.2-3.2 ,Φ2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0 ,4.0
  • (3)80X120 ,Φ2.2-3.2 ,Φ2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0 ,4.0
  • (4)100X120,Φ2.4-3.5 ,Φ2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2 ,4.0
  • (5)100X150,Φ2.4-3.5 ,Φ2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2 ,4.0
  • (6)120X150 ,Φ2.7-4.0 ,Φ2.7/3.7-3.5/4.5 ,4.0
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