camel bone figurines,bone kwanyin,bone dragon

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We are specialized in carving the Mammoth netsuke/statues, Bone netsuke, Tagua netsuke, Boxwood/iron netsuke, Boxwood puzlze ball with dragon/phoenix/fish stand, Imitation ivory puzzle ball, Bone Chinese traditional Buddhas, Bone Samurai(Japanese) warriors/statues, Chinese traditional statues ,bone elephant,mammoth/bone ivory erotic netsukes,bone horse,bone KwanYin ect.
We carve about 2000styles of netsukes and 600 styles(designs) carving figurines/sculptures.
All our netsuke are carved by professional master carvers,also signed by the carvers with hole.
we inherit the sepcial technology from ancestor.
Incredibly beautiful and intricate Chinese Puzzle Ball. It has many seperate and freely moving layers, each within the other. A lot of work goes into these detailed designs. It comes on it's own teak display stand and is available in different size balls from 6 layers to 40 layers.Every layer has perfect designs and could rotate freely

We must assure the best quality and the most reasonable price.

we only show very small parts of our carvings on website,if you are interested,please contact with us,we will send you more carvings for your reference.

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Mammoth netsuke/statues, Bone netsuke, Tagua netsuke, Boxwood/iron net