Incandescant Gas Mantles

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Gas mantles are used in high pressure lamps, lanterns and Petromax where conventional electricity lighting is absent or not available.
300-400 C.P.^$The light intensity of gas mantles is measured in Lux or Candle Power (C.P.)^#400-500 C.P.^$We also manufacture 400-500 Candle Power Gas Mantles that are used in high pressure lanterns, which can use any flamable substance like kerosene, Spirit, LPG, CNG, and alcohol as fuel.^#500-600 C.P.^$This gas mantles will give light equivaleny to about 595 Candles. They are mosty used in Petromax.^#800-1000 C.P.^$These are mostly used by seafarers out in sea . They use inverted Petromax popularly known as Handa in India.^#
Double Tie Gas Mantles^$The double tie gas mantles are open on both sides and suitable for few types of Coleman Lanterns.^#

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Incandescant Gas Mantles, Phase Change material, Calcium Chloride.