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We produce bamboo charcoal and related products for daily use. Our products range include Whole Bamboo Charcoal, Cut Bamboo Charcoal, Crushed Bamboo Charcoal, Moisture Absorbing Utensil, Automobile Deodorant, Seat Cushion, Back Cushion, Automobile Travelled Pillow, Automobile Neck Pillow, Mattress, Health Care Pillow, Wardrobe Deodorant, Refrigerator Deodorant, Insole, Shoes Stopper, Chair Cushion, Waist Shield, Kneepad, Eye Patch, Respirator, Bamboo Charcoal Soap, Bamboo Vinegar, Purgation Series, Hand Chain, Pendant, Aeolian Bell, Coffee Stick, Festival Hang Accessories as well as Gift Series.

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