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* GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Facial Mask is...

World first developed GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Facial Mask is accumulated with our GEMPARK's skin care formulation technologies and know-how of several decades. We, GEMPARK, have been putting all our efforts to get the GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Facial Mask only for years.

We happily remember the excitement when we finally succeeded to formulate with 67% Amethyst Content that is miraculous number for skin care products compares to others contain as less than 1% only.

We, GEMPARK commits that we will never betray consumer's esteemed trust on our products and always make our products with 100% natural ingredients.

Now, it is your turn.

Find Your Beauty Through the Ancient Mystery of Amethyst.

* GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Soap is...

100% natural ingredients includes high content's amethyst and superior quality's palm oil leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable, never taut or dry.

The delicate and rich form of GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Soap that is especially formulated by GEMPARK will impress you during cleansing.

Our special formula of amethyst combination maintains protective lipids and work to loosen surface flacks. The exfoliating action makes your skin shiny and bright like a gem. It perfectly removes contaminations from outside on your skin and provides all the necessary nutrients.

Clean Your Skin Like Taking Care of Jewel.
GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Soap is the Answer You were Looking For.

=== GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Set
Meet all the GEM BEAUTY Amethyst Products at once!
> Amethyst Pack - Tube Type : 130g X 2EA
> Amethyst Pack - Pouch Type : 13g X 20EA
> Amethyst Soap : 100g X 1EA
Amethyst^$67% of amethyst content / Purification & Detoxification, far-infrared ray, anion, bio resonance, anti-bacteria & sterilization, mental, physical and spiritual healing, etc.^#Honey^$Has excellent sterilizing power with anti-oxidative effect / Is effective to remove the hardened skin layer / Has excellent moisturizing effect to skin / Various nutrients in honey make skin smooth and bouncing^#Glycyrrhiza Extract^$Is good for skin detoxification & prevention from inflammation & acne / Has natural antiseptic effect due to antioxidant reaction / Activates skin cell functions^#Olive Oil^$Effectively lubricates and moisturizes skin / Cures irritating or burning skin / Has skin soothing effect^#Avocado Oil^$Has excellent skin soothing effect / Maintains skin beautiful by preventing from freckles & chloasma / Contains abundant essential amino acid and unsaturated fatty acid / Contains abundant vitamin-D^#
Purification & Detoxification^$Minerals in Amethyst provides purification and detoxification function that will be shown with excellent whitening effect on your skin.^#Far-Infrared Ray Emission^$Amethyst radiates more than 91% of far-infrared rays known as biogenetic rays (between 6 to 14 microns of wavelength) that has been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells.^#Anion Emission^$Called as vitamin in the air, anion helps hemoglobin in blood to move nutrients and create energy. It also harmonizes body control healthily and enhances immunity system.^#Bio Resonance^$Amethyst emits millions of regular bio resonance per minute that directly reacts as soon as contacts skin. This function revitalizes skin cells and protects from skin aging.^#Anti-Bacteria & Sterilization^$Antibacterial test result of amethyst is 99.5% that shows prominent effects for acne. It cleans skin perfectly and remove all the remained flakes and dead cells on skin.^#

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