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The GemiFill GR-model filling machine is gravimetric operated and suitbale for all kinds of chemical fluids like paints & coatings, solvents, cleaning products etc.).
The filling machine can be executed with 1 or 2 scales in the range between 15 kg up to 3.000 kg.
Foaming products like cleaning products can be filled by means of a sub-level filling lance to prevent foaming.
Also high viscous products like putty and texture plasters can be filled by using an additional screw pump.

Typical features of a Gemifill GR-filling installation:
- Filling directly from a tote tank, storage container, dissolver etc.
- Height adjustable filling valve for different types of packaging.
- Filling by means of a pump (pneumatic / electric) or based on gravity.
- Easy to clean by means of an automatic rinse cycle and dismountable filling valve.
- Simple to operate batch controller (with self-learning parameters) .
- Movable roll conveyor system executed in stainless steel.
- Easy to expand with a lid closer (pressing / crimping) , screw cap closer, sub-level filling lance, conveying system etc.

- Non-explosion proof.
- Batch controller with self-learning parameters (coarse and fine flow shutoff points etc.)
- 2-Step pneumatic operated filling valve for coarse and fine flow filling.
- Valve is height adjustable by means of a spindle.
- Filling by means of an air driven membrane pump or based on gravity.
- Roll conveyor with integrated 15, 32 or 60 kg weighing scale.

- Explosion proof in accordance with ATEX regulations.
- Recipe based filling of multiple components (see GemiFill GR-R model for more information) .
- Filling by means of an electrical pump (frequency controlled) .
- 150 up to 6.000 kg floor weighing scale.
- Sub-level filling lance for foaming products.
- Automatic container transport system.
- Pneumatic lid closer or screw cap closer.

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