GES Electronic & Service GmbH
GES Electronic & Service GmbH is specialized on electrical interconnections focused on energy and data networks for machine facilities in industrial environments. Our modular connectors are fully compatible with the worldwide common heavy industrial modular connector systems from Amphenol, Wieland Electric, Weidmueller, Lapp Group, Walther, Thomas & Betts and Hypertac providing unique modular expansions and new applications within energy-transferring infrastructures. GES also provides high voltage connectors in single- and multi-pin configurations as well as wireless interconnections using license-free ISM-frequencies (Industrial, Medical, Science) for controlling & monitoring of non security-relevant data and signals. Our Products main areas of applications are analytical laboratory equipment, particle physics facilities and instruments, healt care-, measuring- and testing-equipment, light- and lasertechnologies, mashine facilities and others. GES Electronic & Service has been a reliable partner in supply and OEM-engineering to customers throughout Europe, the United States and worldwide for many years.

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