TPO waterproof materials

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TPO waterproof rolls of material are introducted hot plasticity polyolefin (TPO) waterproof rolls as base of material one regard ethylene- propylene rubber and polypropylene resin material, adopt to get the waterproof material of hot rubber and plastic elasticity of advanced made of technology and specific prescription , it is kind of new material saling in U.S.A. and Europe in recent years, it does not include the plasticizer in the batching , and it is not fragily because of exist plasticizer moved .. Easy to process, can weld, installation convenient, entirly recycle, it is new-type green environmental protection waterproof material.
width : 1.5m-2.1m ^$thickness: 0.5mm-2.5mm^#
  • waterproof materials^$Characteristic:
  • 1. Adopt the advanced technology and special prescription together, not add any plasticizer , keep bear climate for a long time;
  • ^#
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