equipment for PVC waterproof matefilas

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PVC,TPO or TPS waterproofing sheets can be extruded with the plant by adding asistants into polyvinyl chloride resin,ethyene-propylene rubber or polyethylene resin to provide flexibility, smoothness and stability,conforming to the national standards of GB12953-2003&GB18173.1-2000.JS3. It is controlled by comprter and easy to operate because of high automaticity.
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equipment for waterproof materials^$Products with lifespan of more than 30 years , high-class waterproofing sheets at present ,are mainly found in perpetual structure such as roof ,basement , rubbish treatment as excellent barrier to the passage of liquid water and water vapor . TPS sheet has an edge over other waterproofing sheets that it can be installed in spite of the moist ground.^#

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