Semiautomatic Vertical Glass Washing and Roll Press Line

Product ID: apgglass

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No- trace vertical supporting wheels designed for glass. Vulcolan covered glass carrying wheels
Washing with 4 special spiral brushes and thermostatically controlled hot water and rinsing
EPDM and polyurethane driving discs
Water, isolated body, transparent acrylic inner- panels
Perfect drying by specially designed nozzles
Noise isolated body
Vulcolan covered double raw glass carrying wheels with spacer frame aligning rigs
Inspection lights for quality control
Pneumatic stops for spacer frame aligning
PLC controlled automatic pressing
Vulcolan covered glass carrying wheels
Motors and gear boxes most reliable brand's
Siemens electrical components
24 Volt control panels in conformity with European safety regulations
Robust body construction with steel frame chassis, completely electrostatic powder painted against corrosions
The washing sensibility of coated glass
OPTIONS: Different heights available:1300 / 1600 /2000 models.

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