Polisulphide/Polyurethane Extruders

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Over pressure warning
Easy adjusting of mixing ratio between 1/5 and 1/15 by dosage pump
Auto-stop system against unexpected pressure changes
Special design of A component plate for low loss of material
Relay controlled electronic system
Hydraulic driven A component and dosage pump
Air driven B component catalyst pump
Thermostat controlled heater for A component plate
Dehumidifier unit for B component in polyurethane extruder
Material filter for B component
By-pass system for preventing the freeze of material in stand-by mode
Special sealing system in dosage pump for less maintenance
Protection from rusting by using aluminum pneumatic cylinders
Electrostatic powder paint coated, rigid, steel body
High pressure resistant holes
Special body design for 200 and 20 lt barrels
Polyurethane ,silicon ,Thiokol,(poly-sulfite) materials can be used in same machine
Change of work material from silicon or Thiokol to polyurethane in three hours

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