Electronic Insect KillerGB Series(PATENT PRODUCT)

Product ID: Insect Killer

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Unique and scientific design assures the unit has high efficency and safety with low consumption.

The unit uses UV light to attract the light-sensitive flying insects which are then subsequently electrocuted on the inner grids,and then safety falls into the large catch tray for easy cleaning.

Environmentally friendly, no chemicals, fumes and smells.

Suitable for Restaurants, Factories, Food shops, Hospitals, Storage, Kitchen areas,etc, indeed anywhere flying insects present a problem.

Fashionable, safe and effective.

Specially processed surface materials of high quality Aluminum Alloy, good looking, oil proof, easy to clean, no crack, fade or scratch.

Unique side design for maximum attraction, 360 degree attraction when suspended, so it is more efficient than common ones.

Full protected outer mesh with GS standard makes the unit of high safety.

Large removable tray for easy cleaning.

Made for wall mounting, suspending or free standing.

Selectable colors and art work.
Fashionable^$Slim and latest design.siut to food industry using^#safe^$Total protected out mesh ensure safe to child and human being^#Effective^$we used philip's OEM factory tube with the luring tubes which ensure we have the same effect to philip's lamb.^#
  • ROHS
  • CE
  • GS
  • CB
  • SASO
  • EK
  • SABS
  • CCC
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