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the rapid prototypes for Products range:
# 1. Electronic products
MP3, electronic heater, walkman, cameral, recorder, electronic watch, digital cameral.
# 2. House appliance:
Air conditioner, squeeze, vaporizer, heater, iron, washing machine,
Refrigerator, water dispenser, sound box
# 3. Home daily use:
Toilet utensils, kitchen utensils. Kettle & cup
# 4. Vehicle:
Car model, car light, bumper, instrument panel.
# 5. Medical instruments:
Gamma knife, testing equipment, massage tools.
# 6. Office utensils
Punching machine, electronic scale, fax, printer.
# 7. Communicating products:
Cell phone, tel sets, talking machine
# 8. Architecture:
All kinds of buildings.

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