Fireworks---Roman Candle (Godlen Fireworks)

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Golden Fireworks Co.,Ltd is one of the leading exporters of fireworks in Liuyang, China---the birthplace of fireworks. We have high skilled factories which include lots of experienced workers and manufacture all kinds of high quality fireworks. Both Class B and Class C. Including display shell, cake, roman candle, sparkler, fountain, toy fireworks (novelty), spinning wheel, firecracker and so on. We have dealt with fireworks for many years. And we are quite familiar with the fireworks market and regulations all over the world. We do offer our customers the best quality fireworks at very competitive prices and very good package. We cooperate with many customers abroad, they are quite satisfied with our products. So why don't you have a try? Once you have a try, you will know that we are really a good supplier. We warmly invite you come to China to visit us so that we could show you our fireworks products. If you want more information, please feel free to contact Cathy Li. by Email or MSN: goldenfireworks(at) . My Skype address is: cathygoldenfireworks
Fireworks----Roman Candle^$Golden Fireworks Co.,Ltd. exports all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers, this is our Roman Candle. For more information, please feel free to contact Miss Cathy Li. ^#

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