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GT6 series AC Servo Motor
GT6 series AC servo motors with corresponding servo driving units are widely used in the areas of machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, machines for manufacturing building materials, robotics, radar systems and artillery, etc.

A GT6 Series AC servo motor is composed of a stator, a rotor and some high-precision feed-back element such as a photoelectric encoder and a revolving transformer, etc. The high-performance rare earth materials are used to form the magnetic field.

The advantages of AC servo motors are including:
Highly compacted with high density of power; Small inertia of rotor, fast responding; Rare earth materials with super-high BHC Coactivity, which provides permanent magnetism; Constant torque output almost in the whole range of rotation; Minor fluctuation of torque at low speed; High precision of balance, stable rotation at high speed; Low noise and minor vibration; Fully sealed; And high performance price ratio.

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