Momordica Grosvenori P.E. (Luo Han Guo extract)

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Luo Han Guo ( Siraitia grosvenorii(swingle)C. Jeffrey ex Lu et Z.Y. zhang [momordica grosvenori swingle; Thladiantha grosvenerii(Swingle) C. Jeffrey]) is a unique economic & medicinal plant in China. It is native in the north of Guangxi province, it has been regarded as the formal medicine for more than 300 years, being used traditionally to eliminate fever and relieve cough. In clinic it can treat breath system and digestive system diseases such as hypertension, Tuberculosis and asthma. Recent research indicated that the triterpene component mogrosides is the main effective ingredients. In 1995 FDA approve mogrosides to be utilized in food circle. In 1996 China approve the mogrosides to be the sweetening reagent for its high saccharinity, low calorie,light-color and good water solubility and stability.
Luo Han Guo extract (Momordica Grosvenori P.E.) is mainly composed of triterpenoid mogrosides, amino acids and vitamin, etc.
Triterpenoid glycosides
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