Aloe Vera

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Remedies For: Alterative, bitter tonic, rejuvenative, emmenagogue, purgative, emollient, vulnerary.
When applied externally, aloe vera restores skin tissues and may aid the healing of burns and sores. It can also be used on blemishes and dandruff. Used cosmetically, Aloe vera softens the skin.
Aloe vera is also taken internally for stomach disorders. Dried aloe latex, a substance derived from the leaf, is a strong laxative. Modern doctors have used aloe for x-ray burns, sunburn, chemical burns, first degree burns, traumatized tissue, decibitus ulcers or bedsores, skin inflammation, stomach ulcers, herpes simplex, peridontal surgery, insect bites and stings, irritating plant stings, and other minor skin manifestations.
Aloe had shown outstanding results in treating facial edema (swelling). When used as a mouth rinse, it was effective for cold spores and lockjaw.
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