stainless steel stamping parts

stainless steel stamping parts

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sheet metal parts

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Various stamped parts run in our stamping progressive die.

We make stamping die especially progressive die for sheet metal parts such as small auto parts, computer cases, cover,bracket or metal accessories of duplicater/printer/automobile sound system/DVD/other electronic device and keyboard membrane cutting dies.
*ISO9001: 2000 certificated factory.
*Stamping Material: cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, copper,aluminium,stainless steel,rubber,plastic sheet (PET etc..), polyimide(flexible printed circuit board);
*Die steel: SKD11 or D2;
*In-House Tool Making & Molding: Use Sodick wire EDM machines & CNC machining centers to construct die components.
*Testing instruments: 3D CMM, durometer meter, projector, altimeter and microscope etc.
*Press capabilities up to 250 tons with a 2700mm bed.
*Short Lead Time
*exporting to : USA, Canada,Japan, France, The netherlands,Belgium, Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, Iran etc...
  • ISO9001:2000

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