metal stamping die

metal stamping die

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Progrssive die

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We make stamping die especially progressive die for sheet metal parts such as small auto parts, computer cases, cover,bracket or metal accessories of duplicater/printer/automobile sound system/DVD/other electronic device and keyboard membrane cutting dies.
*ISO9001: 2000 certificated factory.
*Stamping Material: cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, copper,aluminium,stainless steel,rubber,plastic sheet (PET etc..), polyimide(flexible PCB);
*Die steel: SKD11 or D2;
*In-House Tool Making & Molding: Use Sodick wire EDM machines & CNC machining centers to construct die components.
*Testing instruments: 3D CMM, durometer meter, projector, altimeter and microscope etc.
*Press capabilities up to 250 tons with a 2700mm bed.
*Short Lead Time
*exporting to : USA, Canada,Japan, France, The netherlands,Belgium, Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, Iran etc...

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