Brazilean nut pod candle

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AMAZON FLAME, began life at 50 meters high in the rainforest of peruvian amazon, where rare euglosine bees, which feed on tree-growing orchids, pollinate the Brazil Nut tree, Bertholletia excelsa H.B.K., in the remote state of Madre de Dios.
Natural candle elaborated in brazilean nut pods. 18 fragances.
Candle made in Brazilean nut pods^$Each candle is decorated with a natural palm raphia from were overhangs our label indicating its line, fragance and a short history of its origin. Our product is packed in cardboard master boxes, including 10 small carton boxes, with 6 units each. Total 60 units per master boxes.^#
Aromatic Candle^$18 fragances: Under the tree, all spice, evergreen, coconut, vanilla, twist, lemon, mandarin, lavender, eucalyptus,sandalwood, cinnamon, roses, green apple,carnation, gardenia, bouquet,floral.^#

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