bucket teeth & bucket tooth

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Hebe Foundry. has been an exporter for over two decades. Our major exporting products are automobile & motorcycle & Electric Scooter parts, Mining & Earthmoving Machinery Accessories
Injecting Plastic Machine Parts, Vehicle Parts & Transmission Accessories, all sorts of hardware and O. E. M. Custom-made products,
which includes investment casting, sand casting, pressure gravity die castings.

Main Categories:
ductile cast iron & nodular cast iron & graphite cast iron castings
bucket Teeth for excavators ( bucket tooth )
aluminium alloy casting
gray cast iron
Carbon & low alloy steel castings

stainless steel castings & corresist steel castings
tool steel castings
pump valve castings
precision castings, sand castings
lose wax castings
Non-ferrous metal castings
  • bucket teeth & bucket tooth
    • stainless steel bruce anchor, stainless steel plough anchor, plow anchor, claw anchor, folding anchor, delfts anchor, bucket teeth & bucket tooth
    • machining parts, pipe fitting, clamp, deck hardware, valve, investment casting, precision casting, titanium steel casting, stainless steel casting, alloy steel casting, steel alloy castings
    • green sand casting, steel alloy castings, machine casting, china manufacturer
  • investment casting, sand casting, die casting, aluminum casting, metal casting, casting moulding, aluminium casting
  • cast iron, casting mold, iron casting
  • bucket teeth
    • Features:
  • 1) heat treated, CNC machined
  • 2) Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy
  • Specifications:
  • 1) cast products: Gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron, anti-resistiron, nodular graphite cast iron, cast steel, precision casting, aluminum alloy casting, stainless steel casting, low pressure die casting(zinc alloy/aluminum alloy/
  • 2) processing: Sand casting, investment casting, pressure casting
  • 3) accurate forming and immaculate appearance, no defects, cracks, scale cinders, or shrinking apertures(heat treatment and/or machining available if required, with customized orders as per clients' drawings or samples welcomed)
  • 4) largest blank:2.5mt applications
    • Ductile iron manhole covers with frames; Cast iron manhole covers with frames; Cast iron flywheel, Cast iron water meter; Galvanised malleable step iron; Ductile iron lifting locater; Auto-fittings, Conduit fittings
  • cast steel storm valve, cast steel anchor cable chain, casting steel bench vice, cast in aluminum two cage rotor, cast iron flange valve, cast iron flange, cast iron swing check valve, cast iron boot,
  • cast iron central heating radiator, cast iron globle valve, cast iron water pipe, cast iron dumbbell, cast iron gate valve, cast iron foot valve, cast type radiatorfly wheels, burners
    • machine parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, compressor parts, pump parts, manifolds, water pumps, valve castings, gray iron castings, cast iron castings,
  • couplings, fittings, flanges, gear box castings, engine cylinder sleeves, industrial sewing machine castings, motor parts, pulleys, fly wheels, burners
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ductile nodular & graphite castings, bucket teeth, aluminum castings