precision investment castings, sand castings, lose wax castings

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Hebe Foundry. has been an exporter for over two decades. Our major exporting products are automobile & motorcycle & Electric Scooter parts, Mining & Earthmoving Machinery Accessories
Injecting Plastic Machine Parts, Vehicle Parts & Transmission Accessories, all sorts of hardware and O. E. M. Custom-made products,
which includes investment casting, sand casting, pressure gravity die castings.

Main Categories:
ductile cast iron & nodular cast iron & graphite cast iron castings
bucket Teeth for excavators ( bucket tooth )
aluminium alloy casting
gray cast iron
Carbon & low alloy steel castings

stainless steel castings & corresist steel castings
tool steel castings
pump valve castings
precision castings, sand castings
lose wax castings
Non-ferrous metal castings
  • precision investment castings
    • precision investment castings, sand castings, lose wax castings , stainless steel castings, gray cast iron sand castings
    • Investment cassting, investment casting wax, titanium investment casting, metal casting, zinc die casting, aluminum alloy casting, Claw.
  • pump valve castings
    • Ductile iron manhole covers with frames; Cast iron manhole covers with frames; Cast iron flywheel, Cast iron water meter; Galvanised malleable step iron; Ductile iron lifting locater; Auto-fittings, Conduit fittings
  • lose wax castings
    • stainless steel castings & corresis
      • stainless steel castings & corresist steel castings
  • precision investment castings, sand
    • Features:
  • 1) heat treated, CNC machined
  • 2) Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy
  • Specifications:
  • 1) cast products: Gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron, anti-resistiron, nodular graphite cast iron, cast steel, precision casting, aluminum alloy casting, stainless steel casting, low pressure die casting(zinc alloy/aluminum alloy/
  • 2) processing: Sand casting, investment casting, pressure casting
  • 3) accurate forming and immaculate appearance, no defects, cracks, scale cinders, or shrinking apertures(heat treatment and/or machining available if required, with customized orders as per clients' drawings or samples welcomed)
  • 4) largest blank:2.5mtCarbon & low alloy steel castings
    • gray cast iron
    • Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings
      • valve & casted parts, pipe, fittings, flanges, steel, & custom cast iron goodsauto parts, motorcycle parts
      • machine parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, compressor parts, pump parts, manifolds
  • ISO

Main Products

ductile nodular & graphite castings, bucket teeth, aluminum castings