DPP-250F Flat-plate Al-Plastic (AL/AL) Blister Packing Machine

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The machine is desinged improved and created by our technicians with the
feedback of customers who have using the machine for long time. It is widely
used in the Ai-Plastic(AL/AL)'s packing of each nubby object and liquid
object of the vocation such as medicine,food, electron, hardware. etc.It can
be used to proof moisture and dust, improve product's level and odditional
value. It can be also linked to product with pillow packing machine and
boxing machine.

Maix Characteristics:

Compact Configuration, Calm Run, Easy Manipulation, Convenient Maintenace.
Steplessly Variable Frequency Speed Regulating, PC Circuit Control Panel.
Adjustable travel, Mould spout location is convenient for replacing mould.
Adopts manipulator grip, Has accurate synchronization.
With air cushion heat-sealing, the upper and lower checkers ensure the effect
of heat-sealing, Don't scald the packing objects when the machine stops,
prolong machine's using life.

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