DZH-100 Multi-function Automatic Boxing Machine

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Machinery drive,variable frequency speed regulating, protection of automatic
stop when the machine is over toading,control with PLC process, automatic
checking of Aiming at the medical former and the explaining book's page-lack.
automatic waiting when the machine hasn't medical former.
Having the equipments of products'count and intelligent failure's display.
The machine is used to take Al-plastic medical former(including the medical
formers which are full of ai-foil),plastic bottle(vitreous bottle)to fill in
the paper-boxes automatically, including the explaining books'pucker(1-4
fold),paper-boxes'forming and using, codes'printing and the two sides of
paper-boxes'sealing are also automatic. it can be also linked to produce with
ai-plastic blister packing machine, bottle-filling lines and three dimension
transparent film packing machine, etc.

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