DHC-250B Automatic Medicine Packing Production Line

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This equipment is our product of new generation which is explored by absorbing
advanced technology at home and abroad, conforming to GMP standard of medicine
vocation. It is a combination of blister packaging machine and boxing machine,
connected naturally through a linking machine. It can accomplish automatically
and successfully the process of blister packing, spall detecting, wasted plate
rejecting, explaining book folding and boxing, plates boxing etc. The blister
packing machine is featured by adjustable travel, accurate register, and easy
mould location and exchange. The boxing machine adopts world famous brand of
PLC (Power Loading Control) and pneumatic components, and is with functions of
intelligent fault warning and alarming and automatic working process control.
And the linking machine works reliably and is easily for operating. It can be
used for blister packing and boxing in many vocation, such as pharmacy,health
care, cosmetic, food and electron etc.

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