DHC-250D Automatic Ampoule-bottle Packing Production Line

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This model is a product of new generation, combining our experience of
the same type products and the latest high-tech, i.e. mechanical, optical,elec-
tronic and air integration.

This production line with function of automatic and successive packing, can be
used for tray packing of antibiotic bottles and ampoule bottles and boxing of
trays and medicine manuals. It avoids cross contamination of medicine in pack-
ing process, and makes the packing process totally conform to standard of GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Control of Drug).

Main characteristics:
This equipment can perform: tray forming, filling trays with bottles, tray die
cutting, box unfolding, manual folding, boxing of trays and manuals, box seal-
ing, and printing batch number etc.

Equiped with advanced computer-controlled system, which can accomplish pro-
ducts counting, operation statistics, fault and repair index, test of material
supplement, alarm and urgent stop etc., so as to ensure the safety and accu-
racy of the operation.

Adopt mechanic-type test, to test the existence of drug, and eliminate waster

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