Riser Clamp

Product ID: RC

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Rugged two, part clamps, suitable for installation as rigid supports or guides for insulated or plain vertical pipes.
  • Material
    • SteelFinish
    • Electro-glavinisedOptional
    • EPDM Rubber
  • Applications:
    • Riser clamps provide a safe and effective means of guiding vertical pipe. Constructed to withstand large pipe buckling loads, they ensure stability while permitting thermal expansion / contraction. Sizes:
    • Besides standard size, we offer intermediate sizes designed to closely fit the effective pipe OD for any insulation thickness. Rubber:
    • Available EPDM lined -to prevents contact between dissimilar materials (if used with non-ferrous pipe), minimize condensation and provide noise attenuation. Durability:
    • Custom designed four-bolt raiser clamps suitable for connection to spring hangers, spring mounts and acoustic anchors / guides are available on application.

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