Pea Protein Powder

Product ID: 2019466716

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Pea Protein Powder [Specialties export]

Brand Name: Xinghuo

Model number: 2019466716

Country of Origin: Shangdong

Crude protein: 60% min
Moisture : 11%max
Totle energy: 4.38 mcal/kg

  • Product Description:
  • Golden pea protein powder is produced with imported Canadian edible yellow pea. It has a yellow color and savor smell, and contains full nutrition, which changed the situation that the protein powder is gray using indigenous gray pea. By introducing Thailand technology and airflow drying equipment, we adopt powerful technology and perfect detecting means. The pea protein powder is processed by high-temperature sterilizing, disinfecting, dehydrating and drying. As a result, it has strong immunity, large yield and stable quality. It is the prefered product for stocks, aquaculture and plant protein in the feed field and also the prime choice for the fishmeal directions
  • packing
  • 25kg ,50kg knitting bags;40kg plastic bags;25kg paper bags ;900kg ,1000kg big bags
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