Rice Protein Powder(Grade C)

Product ID: 72019465916

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Rice Protein Powder(Grade C)

rice protein powder [Specialties Export]

Brand Name: Xinghuo

Model number: 72019465916

Country of Origin: Shandong

Protein: 65% min
Fat: 6% max
Ash: 4.5% max
Moisture: 10% max

Min Order: 20 ton
  • Product Description
  • Rice protein powder, grey and bright, is mainly as feed for stock raising. As the byproduct of rice flour, it contains abundant nutrition and .has the function for the animal's growing and disease-resistant. It is the fine additive of stock raising and fodder industry. and it promotes animal appetite to make sure that poultry and aquatic animals' demand for feed , so it raises the utilization of feed, reduces the protein as energy -consuming , achieves the purpose that saving protein, and improving feed energy, reducing feed costs, promoting animal growth. It's favorable for raising cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, so Rice protein powder is indispensable in. fodder industry
  • Packing :
  • 25kg ,50kg knitting bags;40kg plastic bags;25kg paper bags ;900kg ,1000kg big bags
    • Payment term:
      • Irrevocable L/C at Sight and T/T
    • Ship Date:
      • in 10days

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