PE double wall corrugated pipe production line

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Specification (mm) 75mm-200mm
Production speed (m/min) 2-6
Power (kW) 150
Extruder^$PE extrusion line adopt two single screw extruders, one use to make inside wall, the other is used to make outside wall. Also the weight per meter and thickness of the products can be adjusted. For PVC pipe production line, one twin conical screw extruder is adopted.^#Forming machine^$Double motors, automatically lubricating system and strong fan cooling system, assure the high running speed (4- 6m/min). High precision die and molding machine made of special material is wear-proof and interchangeable. Total 35 pairs modules are working to form pipes.^#Control system^$Advanced control system with PLC and PROFACE touching screen, perfect failure self-inspecting function, friendly man-machine dialogue and technology parameter storage function. Automatic stop and warning protection device is equipped.^#Cutting machine^$Pneumatic Plante cutting machine which is controlled by PLC system can ensure the cutting exacation. There are two hope passage for small pipe and large pipe^#Protection system^$Forming machine has automatic electricity cut-off protection system. Forming plate can reverse quickly when power is cut off so that the fusibility plastic materail will not stick on the modules. Power of this motor is supplied by battery.^#
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