Baby DIaper Machine

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Function & Assemble Parts:
1. It can produce four specification(L,M,S,XL) of products by exchanging cutting tool or simple regulation.
2. Frontal tape, side sticker and elastic waistline are added on the machine. Leakage barrier is molding on the machine.
3. After molding, products with double wings folding are three-folded into square type, arranged vertically and output in line.
4. Teeth-like crusher can take treated or untreated pulp with adjustable amount of SAP.

Structure & Character:
1. Driving system consists of gearwheel device, universal shaft couplings and arc-gear synchronous belt, driving components are installed on the backboard of equipment with high driving accuracy and low mechanical consumption.
2. Web wheel in large diameter lay out the pulp to keep even thickness of cotton core under high-speed operation.
3. Main press-cut rollers adopt universal shaft driving . The driving is fast and it can guarantee the knives' service life.
4. The bearings, synchronous belts and electrical components are famous brands in china.

Main Technical Parameter:
1. Designed production speed:350 PCS/min
2. Stable production speed: 200~250 PCS/min
3. Machine power:130kw (380v 50Hz) (include glue applicators.)
4. Overall size of equipment (L x W x H m): 19 x 2.6 x 3.1 (Exclude crusher)
5. Weight of equipment: about 25t
Machines for making Baby DIapers^$^#

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