Automatic Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine

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Equipment Function & Character:
1. Production Procedure is controlled by Programmable controller system. Spraying, sealing,cutting and core exchanging are conducted synchronously.
2. During rewinding, the paper is tight first and loosen latter and also the tightness of rewinding can be set.
3. Auto set up alarm when paper breaks or stores the core pipes.
4. Each unwinding of jumbo roll is separately equipped with tension control and pneumatic jumbo roll lifting.
5. Touching screen and man-machine interaction are installed to auto display production breakdown and parameter.
6. Embossment pattern is chosen by customers.
7. Electric components, synchronous belt and bearing are domestic famous brand.

Main Technical Parameter:
1. Production speed: 130~180m/min
2. Punching line distance: 100~150mm (It can adjustable, other sizes can be produced as per requirement)
3. Machine- Power (two embossment stands): 8.5kw(380v 50Hz)
4. Equipment`s overall size (L x W x Hm): 5.3 x 2.7 x 1.8(with two embossment stands, two paper holders)
5. Weight of equipment: about 4t (with two embossment stands, two paper holders)
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