NdFeB magnets & ferrite magnets

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If your company needs NdFeB magnets & ferrite magnets, if we are more satisfying than your current supplier, and if we are reliable, would you buy from us?

We mainly offer NdFeB magnets & Ferrite magnets etc.

What we manufacture?
We mainly produce sintered NdFeB magnets with high quality at low cost. We also help to supply ferrite magnets as well as Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets and partial magnetic assembly, like name badge magnets etc. Our products are widely used in motors, flywheels, speakers, mobile phones and other electronic units etc.
Why our clients like to buy from us?
As a professional manufacturer(350 workers) of sintered NDFEB magnets in Ningbo, China, our purpose is to reduce our business cost and provide our customer our right products at the right prices and realize their biggest profit. Establishing a long term relationship and creating a win-win situation with our clients are what we are working for. Meanwhile, we are able to help in other kind of magnets, such as ferrite magnets, Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets and bonded NDFEB magnets and rubber magnets etc. For your information, almost 70% of our products are exported to foreign market and our regular clients uniformly satisfied with the quality and thought they had made the right decision to give us a chance to trade each other.
.We produce magnets with any size

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