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Product ID: HYF-02A

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HYF-02A is designed in Hand held style, Dexterity character, High efficiency, Easy operation and Outstanding economical power consumption use only 4 x "AAA" size Alkaline battery continuance over 38 hours operations. Convenience handling and storage, applicable district suitable for Coast, Shallow Place, Lake, River, Sea and Ice fishing, and for other ways in Boat, Sampan, Kayak and Canoe are available.
Fish Finder^$40 degrees cone angle Powerful Sonar for wide range function sensitive survey from 0~30 Meter/0~99 feet for depth measurement and for school fish searching. Built-in Entire and close view scope in function "FULL" and "ZOOM" modes to select a Certainly focus survey situations. HYF-02A designed an attenuator from Low (L) - Medium (M) - High (H) sensitive select and response in difference bottom depth measures and searching requirements.^#

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