Rugged Portable Computer

Product ID: ACS-37GJB15

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ACS-37GJB15 is a rugged portable computer
which is using to debugging equipment and collecting data in industrial environment or fieldwork. It is more solid than usual portable computer with good resist-Vibration and resist-shock. It also can work stably when suffered from Hertzian waves or in a harsh environment. It is one of the best solutions to improve work efficiency in harsh environment.
Such as:
● Vehicle-carry system of war industry
● Fieldwork of war industry
● Ship-carry system of navigate
● Central system of testing and control
● Testing system of waterpower & electric power & fieldwork
1.1 Configure
1.1.1Chassis configure
Motherboard parameter
ACS-6172VE,P4 845GV PICMG full-size card , Intel 845G/GV chipset, onboard 64M-shared display memory, integrate CRT、LAN、DOC ports .
● Processor:Support Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 Processor, up to 3.06GHZ
● System memory:Two DDR DIMM sockets, support DDR 266/333 up to 2GB
● NIC: Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces
● USB: four USB 2.0 ports
● Expansion Bus:Support PCI Rve2.2 Expansion Bus, Powerful driving of ISA BUS
Backplane: ACS-1008P4
Keyboard: 88 keys keyboard
Mouse: touch mouse
Display: low-radiation 15? LCD
Power supply : PS-200ATX(1U)-YM
1.1.2Hardware configure
CPU: Intel P4 2.8G/533
Memory: HY 512M(DDR)
HDD: HDD40GB(7200R)
Display: onboard
NIC: one onboard, and another wireless NIC (GN-WLM01)

1.2 Physical specification
Wight: less than or equal to 16kg
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature: -10蚓~55蚓(-20蚓~65蚓 storage)
Relative humidity:70~93﹪ at 40蚓(not coagulation )
Vibrancy : 5~17Hz,0.1?
10~500Hz,1.5 acceleration peak-Peak
Impact: 15G acceleration peak-Peak(11ms)
1.3 Product standard
per GJB322A-98、GJB150.1-1986
  • FCC
  • CE
  • CCC

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