Hologram Effect IML Cup

Product ID: Hologram IML Cup

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Product Information

Item: Cup
Weight of the cup: 16g
Capacity: 170ml
Material: PP
IML: with hologram effect (21.2*10.7cm)

Introduction of IML as follows:

IML Brief Introduction

In Mold Label, IML for short, is a kind of simplified label. IML is a labeling technique that is used in blow molded, injection molded and thermoformed containers. It is a pre-decoration technique, which is the application of the label before the container is full.

The IML, which has been finished printing and die cutting, is generally placed inside the open mold by Robot Arm. Then the label is fused into the surface of the plastic products, in the process of the product forming. The combination between the label and the plastic product is natural and it completely becomes a part of the plastic product and has a significantly better appearance, which appears "no label look" effect.
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