MS Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with 25 Clients

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Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition is designed for large organizations that have the highest requirements for reliability, scalability, and manageability.

To compete successfully in today's challenging business climate, organizations must enable more efficient ways for information workers to communicate and collaborate. E-mail is currently the most widely used collaborative technology. More businesses use Exchange for e-mail-based collaboration than any other product. Exchange 2003 enables information workers to gain access to critical business communications almost whenever and wherever they need to and is designed to deliver greater security, availability, and reliability. Exchange 2003 sets a new benchmark for low total cost of ownership (TCO) by helping your information technology (IT) staff to do more with less through improved management tools.

Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition is designed for large enterprise corporations and enables you to create multiple storage groups and multiple databases. Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition provides an unlimited message store that removes the constraints on the amount of data that a single server can manage.
  • Exchange server 2003 has features^$Database size limited only by your hardware (with a maximum size of 16 terabytes).
  • - Multiple databases per server.
  • - Clustering support for four nodes on Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server or eight nodes on Microsoft Windows Server? 2003 Enterprise Edition.
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